Joy to the World (of Warcraft) 13

Alunaria, over at Alunaria’s Avenue, has proposed a holiday challenge: stay away from the griping, grousing, and general grinchiness about World of Warcraft that’s all to easy to find these days and post something positive instead.

(I had meant this post for yesterday, but I ran out of time. Oh well; here it finally is.)

The Horde side has Caravan Brutosaurs! If you hang out awhile in the city, you can see Dazar’alor drudges unpacking these brontosaurus analogues—people at the top of the saddle structure chuck baskets and boxes down, where others first pile them up and then take away.

WoW BfA Zuldazar Caravan Brutosaur

The same model is also called Roughneck; there are some traveling the roads west of the city.

WoW BfA Zuldazar Roughneck

The really awesome thing, though, is that you can ride some of them! There’s at least one rideable Caravan Brutosaur walking back and forth over the bridge that runs west towards the Village in the Vines from the stretch of land between the Great Seal and Tal’farrak in Dazar’alor.

When you mount, you get an action panel with two options: toss fruit to scare away saurid and other beasts, or hop off. I don’t yet know whether it’s only available during the Brutal Escort world quest; I have been able to ride the brutosaur and the fruit tossing worked fine, but I didn’t see any attackers nor were any other events triggered. I was on my level 114 warrior, though; maybe the rideable brutosaur is available below 120 but not programmed to do anything else.

WoW BfA Goblin Warrior on Caravan Brutosaur Jan 2019

It’s pretty awesome anyway—then again, the brontosaurus is my favorite dino. 🙂

Images: World of Warcraft screencaps

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4 thoughts on “Joy to the World (of Warcraft) 13

  1. Alunaria January 5, 2019 / 04:05

    I had no idea, that is so cool. I have no Horde character, so thank you for sharing 🙂


    • Eppu January 6, 2019 / 16:13

      You’re very welcome – and this is exactly why I prefer following other WoWers’ blogs and not just Twitter or anything else short-form. More space to geek about things! 😀

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      • Alunaria January 8, 2019 / 05:01

        I agree 🙂 And more passion!


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