What’s better than being a geek? Having someone else to geek with!

We’re Erik and Eppu Jensen, a historian and an artisan previously from northeastern US, now residing in southern Finland. We love fantasy, science fiction, superheroes, role-playing and other games, early history, language, art and cultural history, and all manner of interesting things.

Co-Geeking is about the things we love. We share our thoughts, our passions, our ideas, and our knowledge. We write about the movies we’ve seen, the books we’ve read, and the games we’ve played. We also write about our work as a history professor and a professional crafter and the ways that our geeky interests intersect with our professional lives.

This blog is a hobby project separate from our professional lives. We make no money off it. We’re just here to have fun. All content on this site belongs to us and is under our copyright unless otherwise noted. All opinions expressed are our own. We accept no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for anything we post here or on Twitter.

Welcome to our world. Explore and enjoy.

About your hosts

Eppu Jensen is a reader, viewer, gamer, maker, fan of Jane Austen, and early cultures and textile history nerd. Her education includes an MA in English Philology and an MS in Information and Library Science. She originally comes from Finland, 2 hours south of the Arctic circle. When we lived in New England, to her it felt like an exotic southern location. (Chipmunks! Dark summer nights! Hummingbirds! Turkeys! Turtles!)

Erik Jensen is a professional historian and an aspiring fiction author. He holds a PhD in history and is a retired professor of ancient Mediterranean history. His academic work focuses on cross-cultural interactions in the ancient world, with a special interest in the work of Herodotus and in contacts across the northern frontier of the Roman empire. He also creates the webcomic Tabula Candida.