Fan-Made Boba Fett Short

Can’t wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to come out? Apart from the material shared at San Diego Comic Con, the short fan film Boba Fett – The Twelve Parsec Stare should help.

The story, produced and filmed entirely in Helsinki, Finland, has Boba Fett tracking down a specific bounty on Tatooine. There is no (human) dialogue, but oodles of Italo-Western action shots and scruffy Mos-Eisley crud. Director Eric Raunio surely knows his stuff. Also composer Juho Pakkasvirta does a fantastic job, not forgetting to spoof the “Imperial March” or “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” theme. 🙂

Raunio tells Nyt1 [NB. Finnish only] that the two-day shoot at Kaapelitehdas in February 2015 followed a few months’ intense pre-production. Sets, costumes, and props were built from everyday items and thrifted / upcycled finds under the direction of producer Teemu Vainio. Boba Fett fans may also be interested in the two behind-the-scenes production diaries (1, 2).

The indie company behind the short, Ruined Films, is headed by Raunio, and produces not only their own films but also promotional videos and provides post-production for outside projects.

1 Nyt is the weekly supplement of Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, the largest daily newspaper in Finland.

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