DIY of Eowyn’s Camp Dress

What a fantastic DIY cosplay of Eowyn’s camp dress from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies this is:

Cation Designs Cindy Eowyns Camp Dress Cosplay

Made and worn by Cindy at Cation Designs, photo by You can read more about the construction process at Cindy’s blog.

One of the really creative solutions she came up with is to inexpensively bone the corselet with zip ties. Much easier to get than corset bones! Another trick Cindy uses is to buy solid-color cotton sateen sheets in good condition from the thrift store to use as costuming material. (I’d add thrift store curtains, but in those there’s much more variability of both quality of material and fiber content, so they might require more time to go through to find anything worthwhile. Then again, if you do find good panels, often there’s quite a bit of fabric.)

Cindy also made the flag herself from a pillowcase using acrylic paint and gold pens. It’s as staggeringly handsome as the costume. Here’s a closeup:

Cation Designs Cindy Rohan Flag

The spear is made from foam, duct tape, and a wooden dowel, and looks as fantastic as the rest of the outfit. Kudos all round!

Images: Eowyn cosplay at rocky landscape by via Cation Designs. Rohan banner by Cindy at Cation Designs.

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