Dwarven Outlaw Rogue Transmog

As I mentioned last week, I’m going to spend a lot of time in the barbershop after World of Warcraft Shadowlands drops. I’m likely to change not just some details of my toons’ appearance but also some of their transmogs—I like to rotate some of my characters’ mogs since I don’t have an absolute favorite, and for others I’ve never found anything particularly fitting. So I thought I’d save a few mogs for posterity by posting them online.

Here is my female dwarf outlaw rogue.

BfA F Dwarf Outlaw Rogue Transmog1

BfA F Dwarf Outlaw Rogue Transmog2

I hid her headgear and cloak, and the bracers aren’t visible, but other pieces are all mogged, including the shirt.

BfA F Dwarf Outlaw Rogue Transmog Roar

The roar above looks more like an anguished cry of “Why in the world do I suffer this way!” or something, LOL!

If interested, you can have a look at the set in Wowhead’s Dressing Room.

Images: World of Warcraft screencaps

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2 thoughts on “Dwarven Outlaw Rogue Transmog

  1. Erik July 7, 2020 / 08:51

    I like the ombre effect in the armor, and those are an awesome pair of weapons!


  2. Eppu July 11, 2020 / 13:11

    Thanks. 🙂 I was suprised how well the parts go together.


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