Teaser Trailer for The Marvels Has Space Kittens!

A new Captain Marvel movie is now in sight. The Marvels entangles the lives and powers of Kamala Khan, Monica Rambeau, and Carol Danvers, and a teaser trailer shows what’s in store:

Marvel Studios’ The Marvels | Teaser Trailer by Marvel Entertainment on YouTube

Starts with an intriguing sight, doesn’t it—a huge space station on Earth’s orbit! Can’t say I recognize S.A.B.E.R., but it does sound like there should be a connection to S.W.O.R.D., right? I hope we get more info on both organizations. And what is this jump point? It looks to be worryingly close to Earth.

Speaking of worrying, I really, really hope they’ve toned down the character of Kamala Khan. We tried the series Ms. Marvel but had to stop after the first episode, having barely made it through that. (Basically hoping that it would change before long. It didn’t.)

Obviously Khan’s actor Iman Vellani is doing a great job, if she can raise such a visceral reaction, but I seriously don’t want to spend two+ hours with that git of a girl. (I guess I’m officially an old fart now.)

I am looking forward to more Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris; I like both very much in their roles. Thank goodness for a trio of protagonists. And space travel, plus possibly a litter of flerken kittens? How amazing would that be! Also, I don’t think Samuel L. Jackson could be bad if he tried.

At this writing, The Marvels is expected November 10, 2023.

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3 thoughts on “Teaser Trailer for The Marvels Has Space Kittens!

  1. NJA April 21, 2023 / 16:35

    Regard Ms. Marvel, you have to stick it out to like episode 3 or 4 and then it is a joy. I too am old and it was really really hard to watch the setup, but I did find it worth it.


    • Eppu April 21, 2023 / 23:12

      Maybe we’ll give it another try, then. Thanks for the tip!


  2. NJA April 21, 2023 / 16:36

    Oh and thank you for pointing out the space kittens. I totally missed them the first time through the trailer. 🙂


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