Living Vicariously Through Social Media: Dragonfly in Morning Dew

I can’t say I’m a night owl, but I nevertheless am definitely not a morning person. That makes me a little wistful sometimes, since mornings can be beautiful.

Case in point: nature photographer David Chambon’s dew-laden insect photos. They are. Just. Stunning!

[Content note: extreme closeups of insects!]





Flickr David Chambon Dragonfly Turquoise
Flickr David Chambon Leaf Beetle

Chambon’s macro photography includes also non-dewy subjects, like the little butterfly below.

Flickr David Chambon Butterfly

You can see more for example on Chambon’s Flickr photostream. (Obviously there are a whole lot of bugs and spiders there, too, so be forewarned.)

Found via My Modern Met.

Images by David Chambon via Flickr: Turquoise dragonfly. Leaf beetle. Butterfly.

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