Crabeater Seal Teeth: Straight from a Nightmare

Whoa…! Crabeater seals come equipped with some serious dental power:

Twitter Cassandra Khaw Crabeater Seal Teeth

Wikipedia Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins Crabeater Seal Skull

If I saw this on a screen, I wouldn’t believe it. I’d just put it in the “stupid, unrealistic, flashy tv / movie / game design” bin.

Found via Cassandra Khaw on Twitter.

Images: Skull seen from the side via Cassandra Khaw on Twitter. Drawing of skull by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins via Wikipedia.

The Visual Inspiration occasional feature pulls the unusual from our world to inspire design, story-telling, and worldbuilding. If stuff like this already exists, what else could we imagine?


2 thoughts on “Crabeater Seal Teeth: Straight from a Nightmare

  1. Alunaria November 1, 2018 / 03:22

    I had no idea. Those look vicious!


    • Eppu November 1, 2018 / 16:14

      I had the exact same reaction! And seals look so fluffy (well, in a sleek way) and cute.

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