Trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Another Star Wars franchise singleton movie is about to hit the big screen: Solo: A Star Wars Story opens May 25, 2018. Here’s the first trailer (from February):

Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer by Star Wars

And the second (from April):

Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer by Star Wars

I’m not entirely sure what to think on the basis of the trailers. Alden Ehrenreich sure ain’t got Harrison Ford’s charisma, but perhaps that’s because we are only seeing very short snippets. It’s also impossible to tell how big of a part Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian will have; I hope the writers are not only using him for a quick and dirty “this is how Han got the ship now bye” scene. Emilia Clarke’s Qi’Ra seems both competent and charming. And I believe this is the second time my fellow Finn Joonas Suotamo gets to portray Chewbacca on his own (without coaching by Peter Mayhew).

Solo: A Star Wars Story | “190 Years Old” Clip by Star Wars

Yay, Joonas!

Like with Rogue One, the special effects and directing look stunning, so at least there’ll be that. Here’s hoping the writing will also work.

Two more weeks!

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2 thoughts on “Trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story

  1. Alunaria May 14, 2018 / 02:21

    I think you are right; it probably has to grow on us, which is hard with just a few short previews. My husband is very excited for this movie! Our son too, but he is just 4 years old, so it’ll be a while, heh 🙂


    • Eppu May 20, 2018 / 13:52

      Heh. 🙂 Maybe not as long as you’d think, though – our 8-y.o. nephew is already watching the adult Star Wars movies (with my brother’s permission & company). I also remember sneaking views of sci-fi movies behind my dad’s back well before school age.

      But as far as Solo goes, I hope it’ll be good. I did already see someone’s comment that Donald Glover is fantastic as Lando!

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