Transmog: Darkmoon Days

WoWable has a fun new thing going on: a transmog contest! Check it out here.

This edition’s theme is the Darkmoon Faire, a monthly off-kilter carnival that brings players together for fun mini-games and profession quests. The transmog challenge is: “If your character lived/worked on the Darkmoon Faire, what would be his/her occupation?”


Here’s my dwarven hunter. If she worked at the Faire, she would be the in-house veterinarian because she loves all creatures great and small—but especially the great! A giant elekk is just a big puppy to her. Now, when you’re caring for weird giant animals from all over the world and beyond, that means dressing appropriately for the possibility of getting poked, bitten, and just maybe breathed fire on, so this is the sort of practical gear she would wear around the menagerie.

(Here’s the vet set in Wowhead’s Dressing Room.)


My dwarven windwalker monk would be a fire juggler at the Faire. I don’t really role-play her, but I think of her as a shamanesque monk, interested in the various elements. And as a windwalker, in my headcanon she’d be able to propel the torches in very showy ways.

WoW Darkmoon Faire Fire Juggler Transmog Windwalker Monk

(And here’s the fire juggler set.)

This was fun. We look forward to the next challenge!

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5 thoughts on “Transmog: Darkmoon Days

  1. Lord of Icecrown January 12, 2018 / 12:27

    Amazing original ideas for transmogs and occupations 😀

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  2. Alunaria January 12, 2018 / 13:35

    How super cool! Awesome to see you participate 🙂 Good inspiration too, I’d like to run into them both 😉

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  3. Lord of Icecrown January 12, 2018 / 15:47

    Just a heads up guys, we talked between us and decided increased the deadline to 23h59 Monday, to help some bloggers have more time 🙂

    I’m saying this in case you edit or add something, the submissions will only be final at the new date. And again, great job on those ideas 😀

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    • Eppu January 13, 2018 / 17:51

      Thanks for letting us know; hope you get more entries. 🙂

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