Oh the Weather Outside Is…

frightful perfect for baking BB-8 gingerbread! This baking project by bokkototto on Imgur is very impressive.

Imgur bokkototto How to bake a droid
How to bake a droid by bokkototto on Imgur

(We got a good 7 inches of snow. The white fluffiness looks lovely, but it definitely turned my thoughts towards roasting your toes by a fire with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and something yummy to nibble on. After 3 rounds of shoveling the heavy wet stuff, however, I have no energy left for epic gingerbread builds. [So out of snow-shoveling-shape!] I’ll just admire the hard work of others.)

Geeks eat, too! Second Breakfast is an occasional feature in which we talk about food with geeky connections and maybe make some of our own. Yum!