Two Fan-Made Star Wars: Episode VII Videos

This music-only version of the official The Force Awakens trailer edited by Tim Gonzales is awesome:

The Force Awakens Trailer #3 – Music Only Edit

The soundtrack is very effective – I can actually feel the goosebumps moving along my arms and scalp! Apparently the trailer music is a combination of new composition and previous music; see the write-up by Peter Sciretta at /Film.

And this Han’s flashback video by Nick Skywalk does a fantastic(!!) job cutting in scenes from the original trilogy with the Episode VII trailer:

Han Solo’s Flashback

Eight weeks to go!

Bonus link: There used to be a Playstation video game called Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi, published by LucasArts 1997. Teräskäsi is Finnish and literally means ‘steel hand’. This was news to me, but apparently it’s part – albeit a mostly forgotten part – of the official canon. Yay, Finland! 😉

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