Two Fan-Made Black Widow Videos

These two fan-made Black Widow videos are professional grade! First, there’s a fantastic, stylized, graphic title sequence for an imagined Black Widow movie:

Black Widow title sequence by Christopher Haley

Then there’s this trailer for an imagined Black Widow origins movie created from existing movie snippets:

Black Widow: The Origin trailer by unknown; uploaded by Elinor X

I heartily second the sentiment in the origin trailer’s end “credits” – rather than an Ant Man story or another Spider Man re-launch, I’d sooooo much prefer a movie focused on Black Widow. Given the traction that action movies are currently enjoying, it’s a better time than ever before to bring women-lead superhero stories on screen.

But here’s the secret – and I’m going to say this with the emphasis it needs – THE STORIES NEED TO BE GREAT. With solid storytelling (including visuals and pacing), well-rounded characters throughout, and excellent casting. Half-hearted attempts will not cut it.

Hey, look! We found a thing on the internet! We thought it was cool, and wanted to share it with you.

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