Tumblr Blog: Calvin & Muad’Dib

Wow… I ran into the Calvin & Muad’Dib mashup Tumblr blog where quotes from Frank Herbert’s Dune are inserted into Calvin and Hobbes comics.

Tumblr Calvin MuadDib Survival
Calvin & Muad’Dib (Calvin and Hobbes: © and ™ Bill Watterson)

The resulting strips are strangely appropriate!

Serving exactly what it sounds like, the Quotes feature excerpts other people’s thoughts.

Art for Early Editions of Dune

Have you read Dune? If so, you might enjoy this early art by John Schoenherr:

Schoenherr Dune Dawn at the Palace of Arrakeen
John Schoenherr: Dawn at the Palace of Arrakeen.
Schoenherr Dune Stilgar and His Men
John Schoenherr: Stilgar and His Men.


Schoenherr Dune Defeating the Sardaukar
John Schoenherr: Defeating the Sardaukar.

Apparently, Frank Herbert said Schoenherr (1935-2010) was “the only man who has ever visited Dune.” Schoenherr’s paintings of Herbert’s Dune were published first in the Analog magazine and later in a fully illustrated version.

For me, along with John Christopher’s The Tripods, Dune is one of the SFF books I read in my (much) younger days and have kept re-reading over the years. Seeing this early art was certainly a treat!

Found via Dangerous Minds – go visit for more info & pics.

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