World of Warcraft Class Theme Music

Some years ago, back on the old WoW Insider which is no more, there was once a fun post suggesting theme songs for the various character classes. As a classical music fan, I’ve tried to come up with a classical version of the same. Here are my suggestions.

Warrior – Bartok, Hungarian Suite “Bear Dance”

The warrior is an iconic archetype in role-playing games and the World of Warcraft version is much like its ancestors: a heavily-armed fighter who charges into the midst of battle. Bartok’s “Bear Dance” may sound more like a druid thing, but the music carries a feel of martial power fitting to a warrior.

“Bear Dance” via P. András

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The Black Widow Movie We Have

I know I’m not alone in wanting a Black Widow movie, but it seems pretty clear that we’re not getting one. Marvel films have been announced out to 2019 and there’s nothing in sight with our favorite red-headed assassin in the lead. So, since we’re not getting the Black widow movie we want, we will have to make do with the Black Widow movie we have. Here’s what we’ve got:

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