Joy to the World (of Warcraft) 8

Alunaria, over at Alunaria’s Avenue, has proposed a holiday challenge: stay away from the griping, grousing, and general grinchiness about World of Warcraft that’s all to easy to find these days and post something positive instead.

Remember how frustrating it used to be when everyone shared the same gathering nodes? Fights would sometimes break out over who got to mine a certain ore or pick a particular flower.

WoW BfA Mining Node Stormsong Valley

Since Legion (at least—was is also before that??) we’ve been able to enjoy individual nodes. That removed the only annoyance we might otherwise have experienced leveling our two humans together, since they both happen to be miners. Now we can both mine the same nodes, and they’ll still be available for others once we’re done.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the nicest changes Blizzard has implemented. (Then again, I’m almost ferociously against PvP.)

As a bonus, here’s my human mistweaver monk‘s Christmas transmog:

WoW Human Mistweaver Monk Xmas Dec 2018

Fortunately it was possible to mog her weapon into a torch and offhand into a sparkler. Both are at least a little more festive than weaponry. 🙂 If interested, you can have a look at the set in Wowhead’s Dressing Room.

Images: World of Warcraft screencaps

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4 thoughts on “Joy to the World (of Warcraft) 8

  1. Alunaria January 1, 2019 / 13:30

    That IS a very nice change, you are right 🙂 How handy when you are duoing as well.

    Nice transmog! Though, get that fire away from that tree! 😉


    • Eppu January 1, 2019 / 14:00

      Thanks! As to the flame, in my headcanon the air in Boralus is humid in wintertime so I doubt I could accidentally light the trees on fire. 🙂

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