Ancient African Trees Look Alien at Night

Photographer Beth Moon‘s new series Diamond Nights documents baobabs and quiver trees against moonless, starry night skies with breathtaking results. For a Nordic city dweller like me, the images might as well be from a different planet.

Beth Moon: Aquila, 2015.
Beth Moon: Aquila, 2015.
Beth Moon: Serpens, 2015.
Beth Moon: Serpens, 2015.

In her artist’s statement, Moon writes of the technical aspects of shooting:

“The majority of these photographs were created during moonless nights, shot with a wide angle lens and ISO of 3200 – 6400. […] Exposures up to 30 seconds allowed enough light to enter the lens without noticeable star movement. Each location required a lot of experimenting. and different lighting techniques. Sometimes a short burst of diffused light from a flashlight was sufficient, or bounced light from multiple flashlights was used for a softer more natural glow.”

Beth Moon: Ara, 2015.
Beth Moon: Ara, 2015.

Photos like these remind me of the incredible diversity of our planet, and how much more of the world we can see and share through the power of Internet than even our parents. Love it!

Found via Colossal.

Out There is an occasional feature highlighting intriguing art, spaces, places, phenomena, flora, and fauna.

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