Quotes: Little Moments of Being Sure

One of Anne Corlett’s characters in the novel The Space between the Stars grasps at the meaning of life:

“Was this how it was for everyone? Little moments of being sure, of fitting into the world around you, all strung together on a flimsy thread of doubt and confusion and not belonging?”

– Jamie, The Space between the Stars by Anne Corlett

On one hand, sounds legit; on the other, not entirely, but when it does it’s terribly sad…

Corlett, Anne. The Space between the Stars. New York, NY: Berkeley, 2017, p. 310.

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2 thoughts on “Quotes: Little Moments of Being Sure

  1. joatsimeon September 8, 2017 / 17:48

    Depends where you live and how you got there. Some of my relatives are farmers in northern Wiltshire and their ancestors have been, in the same 3 parishes, since before Domesday Book. They’re named “Uphill”, because when ordinary people got surnames, their farm was “up-hill” from the church. I doubt they’re ever troubled by a feeling of not belonging. As my father said once, their name might as well have been “Baggins” or “Gamgee”.


    • Eppu September 8, 2017 / 18:46

      Indeed it does. Some of my relatives were workers who lived within 50 km of where their ancestors were born, and did feel like they didn’t belong. Isn’t it fascinating?


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